HOT – again

I feel like I write a blog post on this topic every year. So here goes one for the start of the 2018 hot weather!

Today it was over 100 (37 for my Scottish and other friends who think in Celsius!) Not as hot as it will get but a taste of what is ahead. So, time to see how the animals are coping and what changes might be needed.

The chickens are panting. They seek their own share pretty well but I decided to cover their outside waterer to keep the water cooler.

Some of the flock seem to enjoy the heat. Still makes me a little nervous when they lay full out! Evangeline now asks for a shower most days. This photo is from last summer, but you get the idea.

The sheep often think the barn is cooler but I would choose shade under the trees. They apparently don’t agree.

It was time to add an extra water container. It’s about time for Paridot to start soaking his hooves to cool off. Good for him but dirties the water for drinking! Of course the sheep have to check out anything new – and appear to be using it already!

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