Riddle: When is a chook like a guinea hen?

You may remember that the guineas were trying to hatch more chicks in the barn. We left them alone (although we fed and watered them back there) but, finally, a couple days ago, the last hen gave up and re-joined the flock. Nothing more had hatched. I decided today was the day to clear out the eggs and give the sheep back their feeder.

I knew they had been sitting on a lot of eggs – at one time I counted 30+ eggs. Well, I counted as I hauled them out of there. Not 20, not 40, not 50……..83!!!

ginea eggs

Pretty silly birds. I am glad they have all re-formed into a flock – outside of the barn.

guineas out with sheep

When I was getting straw to put down for the sheep, I saw a small clutch of eggs and thought the guineas were starting a new nest in the straw and hay storage area of the barn.

small clutch Henny

But, no! As I looked further up into the straw – I found a larger clutch and all of them are green! We knew Henny had been getting from the outdoor run into the barn through a crack she flies up to. She lets herself out before the others get out. We thought we were a little short on green eggs but it is hard to know who is laying when as they don’t lay every day. She had stowed away 21 eggs in there!

large clutch henny

So, when is a chook like a guinea hen? When she decides it’s ok to lay her eggs in the barn!

Let’s hope the “new kids” have more sense….but I am not holding my breath.

little ones

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Same and Different

Home from Australia for two weeks now and I realize that when I got back, some things had changed but others had remained the same.

Same sweet sheep….

sheep by road

sheep 2

sheep 3

But the Mulberry Tree has definitely changed color….

mulberry tree

Same vigilant llama…

alert llama

But the persimmon tree has lost its leaves….

persimmon tree

A new gate and a new door….

new gate

guinea door

The free-range guineas are still hanging out with the sheep….

guineas with sheep

But the yard has really greened up….

green side yard

The chickens are still laying eggs (but will be called “chooks” from now on)

chooks 2

Some of my new Australian friends told me that gum tree (eucalyptus) leaves do not need a mordant when used for natural dyeing so I think it is time to give them another try that way. These are calling me to pick them….

gum tree

It’s good to be home…….

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