Colored Corriedales and Baling Day

Adele and I headed for Wangandary (near Wangaretta) on Sunday to Marion’s farm, Wilanjie, and her wonderful Coloured Corriedales. This, however, was to be more than a visit – it was Baling Day for this wool group of friends. They come together to pool fleeces of similar color, length and fineness and have the wool processed. The costs are shared by percentage of that grower’s contribution to the pool, as are the profits when the products are sold in markets and other sales venues.
Here, Marie arrives with some bales of wool to go into,the pool.

The members discuss the fleeces as they carefully examine them.

Next, the wool gets put into the bag for baling…

…and then stomped down by one agile individual!

I got a chance to look at fleeces – and be gifted some beautiful ones. thank you, ladies!

Marion and I had a chance to look at her sheep.

Alpaca Nelson Mandela takes care of part of his flock (seems to be alpacas here doing this work, rather than llamas, keeping them safe from foxes and dogs)

And, these sheep, too, like their treats. I like Marion’s idea of using gutters for the feeding. It spreads the sheep out more than my pans and are easy to move about. Yet another idea that may be finding its way to our farm!

They have. Different ear tagging system here. One smaller nationally required tag and a larger flock tag. The colors of the tags are also national and rotate through a 12 year cycle. This year is purple.


Look at this wool!

Marion and I had a short time to discuss weaving and other things. Here is a beautiful overshot piece she did.

Another chance to see some cockatoos…


Another beautiful Australian sunrise…

…and then it was time to head to the train station for the next – and final – farm stay. I wanted Marcos to hop into my suitcase, but he preferred his little bed!


Last stop….


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