Taronga Zoo

We had planned to visit the Sydney Zoo and it was a good choice.
There probably was a way to drive there but the popular way to go was by ferry across the Sydney Harbour.

Upon arrival, we had to choose how to get up to the zoo entrance. A cable car sounded more fun than a bus, but who knew they’d be this tiny?!


But, it was worth it. We focused our visit on the Australian animals, although there were also African animals and others (and a lot of animatronic dinosaurs scattered throughout the zoo, charming the many little children around).

But, back to the “locals”:



This sign informed the humans to keep out of the animal area, but the animals were free to wander around and did.


We had heard that Red Kangaroos could be dangerous but a zoo volunteer ( docent) said the females weren’t and they were the ones in this area. Which is good because they were really close!



Someone else you could get up close to we’re the koalas. We could see them in the trees, but could also go into a special area to get REALLY close (it is against the law to touch them, which was really hard when you’re this close!)


Someone you would not want to touch is a Tasmanian Devil, actually endangered now due to a face-deforming tumor virus. The zoo has begun a breeding program to try and save the species.



When I saw there was a farm there, we had to look for sheep. Not many, but it’s a start!


Of course, what’s a farm without chickens or “chooks” as they are called here. We liked the way they got their fresh food.


And, like ours at home, they seem to want to lay all their eggs in one nest box!


As in the States, the goats seem to be pretty clever (which is why we don’t have any on our farm!)


Back across the Harbour and on to the next adventure!


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