My Pastures – by Marley

Hi. This is Marley again. I heard that there was a Request for more of my Blog Posts. Since I don’t have a Blog of My Own like a certain Border Collie I have heard of, I had to wait to get a little time on Jackie’s Blog. She has been doing a Lot of Muttering about a “slow internet connection” (whatever that is) so it’s taken me awhile to get access.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you about today are My Pastures. The Other Sheep and I and the Llama live on 5 acres. You’d think with All That Space that Jackie would let us sheep have more of it. Well, the house takes up part of it and The Dogs seem to need their own space so that leaves us Three Pastures. Now, you all know that I don’t mind eating Inside.

But Outside Eating is really nice, too. Usually, Jackie seems to want us in the Front Pasture. It’s an OK spot. I like that I can reach the Tasty Leaves pretty easily here.

The Other Sheep seems pretty happy here, too.

Nellie seems to like it here, too, although she is a Little Wild.

She jumps around a lot and sometime even tries to leave The Front Pasture…..

Silly Small Flock Sheep.

One day, Jackie gave us one of the Upper Pastures. She said she was waiting until The Sticky Weeds were gone or until We Were Sheared (see my last post for that adventure!). Well, we’re Sheared now so she let us into the Upper Pasture. For some reason (known only to her), she thought we only needed one half of this pasture. When she went away one day, we tried to show her we really needed the Whole Upper Pasture. Look what we did!

Yop. Climbed right through That Fence. Jackie was muttering something about this being a problem. Personally, I didn’t think it was. She doesn’t seem to mind when all Other Creatures come into that Pasture. Like these really big things…..

They were eating Out Grass, by the way.

Or this little thing that just runs Fast when we get close….

But I guess we finally convinced her that we could handle Another Pasture. So she let us in to graze this. Obviously, it really needs it. I thought we were going to lose Winnie and Wilma for awhile!

As usual, Quentin had trouble figuring out how to get through a Gate.

"Help! I'm stuck!"

But with a little help from Jackie, he figured it out.

"...and it was really scary back there....and you guys all left me....hey, Paridot, wait up!"

We can even get close to Our Neighbors in these Pastures….

And we’ve shown Jackie that we can share Our Pasture with these Weird Little Birds…..

Some of the Small Flock like to play chase games here…..

Nellie, "Ha ha! I'm the fastest!!!"

But Real Sheep know that Pastures are for Grazing. See you next time.     Love, Marley

Wilma, "Thanks, Marley, for getting us into this good pasture." Marley, "You're welcome."

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