Time to Mow Pastures

Last year I made a resolution to get sheep sheared sooner and get the pastures mowed sooner. I got the first part accomplished – we did our whole flock shearing in late April. However, I did not get the pastures mowed until today. All of a sudden, summer heat was upon us and the pastures dried down incredibly fast.

Dry pastures means feeding twice a day instead of once a day since there isn’t really anything out there for them to eat. However, dry pastures also mean an explosion of nasty foxtails. Part of my reason for shearing and mowing earlier is to avoid these getting into the fleeces and – even worst – into eyes. Marley had to have one removed from his eye last year by our vet. I have spent a lot of time in the last couple weeks picking foxtails off the faces of the sheep I could approach.

I finally found someone to mow and he arrived early this morning (better to mow early in this heat). This meant I wanted all the sheep out of his way so they had breakfast in the area outside of the barnyard but not in the arena or pastures.


They didn’t seem to mind. They ate the hay I put out there….

nellie grazing

…and even grazed a little.

Here is a close-up of Cassie. Do you see all those foxtails around her face?

foxtails on Cassie

These are the ones I pulled off of Cassie. They are about 2 inches long, but some are even longer.


Next year, if I haven’t figured out how to irrigate those pastures, I will shear early AND mow early!


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