Island at the Edge – Shop, Tours and Classes

Even though it all begins with the sheep, there is lots more going on here. There is a wonderful shop where you can chat with them about the croft and see and purchase many items made from their own wool as well as things made by other artisans on the Isle of Skye.

This is a favorite of mine – a skein of wool made from their own Black Cheviot Sheep. One thing I have learned is that they do not use the word “yarn” to refer to skeins of wool yarn. Yarn here means not pure wool or not wool at all.

They knit be-spoke ganseys here as well as other woolen wear and also make waistcoats and kilts. Here is the detail on one of the ganseys, which tells a story with all the motifs created.

Island at the Edge also does tours – a lot of tours since I’ve been here! For unscheduled visitors they will take you to see the sheep nearby if you are interested. For the more planned tours, depending on people’s time and interest, they get to see the shop, learn a bit about the ganseys story and Fair Isle knitting, and get an in-depth talk about the sheep, the fleeces, and the croft, and, of course, see the sheep!

Occasionally a group comes in and is treated to an extra presentation of local artisans. Here we got to meet a spinner who shows us how she spins her wool raw ( not processed). She brought some finished product with her as well as her resource information for doing her natural dyeing of the wool. Her skeins of Cheviot and Scottish Blackface were amazingly soft!

Island at the Edge also offers classes, some taught by Yasmin herself and others by members of the community. Here is a class on Fair Isle knitting. I learned a lot and have a new skill to bring home with me!

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