Back to Scotland – and on to the Isle of Skye

Leaving a nice visit to Wales, I head back to Glasgow for one night and then on to the Isle of Skye.

So, why Skye and how do I get there? The “why” I hope you see as the journey progresses. The “how” was a bit tricky as I checked into this months ago. Short of driving (too far with an unfamiliar car on the “other” side of the road), a train looked to be my best choice. So, I got a ticket from Glasgow to Mallaig. Why Mallaig? From there you can take a fairly short ferry ride to Armadale on Skye.

This train leaves from Glasgow Queen Street Station. A very nice and efficient station. You watch the boards as your destination gets closer and closer to the top of the list and thereby gets assigned a platform number. As soon as you see it, you rush through the gates to the platform with your luggage and, after checking a hundred times that you are getting on the right train and in the right coach – you depart!

The scenery goes from city to the wilds of Scotland’s highlands pretty quickly. Varied and beautiful.

It is a 5+ hour train ride so I found time to wind some yarn purchased at Wonderwool. It turns out your tray table makes an excellent skein holder!

The journey continued ( with a few snacks from the tea cart) until we reached the important stop at Crianlarich. I say important because it is at this stop that the train separates itself in two, with the forward cars going to Oban and the rear cars going to Mallaig. After 50 more checks that I was in the right car (conductor re-checking tickets and announcements being made to encourage people to change cars if necessary), the train splits itself in two and we continue our journey.

You’ll notice I did find a few sheep along the way. And, got to go over the Glenfinnan Viaduct – the one featured in the Harry Potter films as they head to Hogwarts.

As we approach Mallaig, I bother the conductor once again to ask if the ferry knows to wait for us. The answer, not necessarily. So, I pack up my knitting, gather my luggage and prepare to dash off to find the ferry terminal. After a false start going the wrong way, I find a sign pointing in the general direction of the ferry but still need to question someone along the way. Too many buildings and I am in a rush! I find the building, buy my ticket, and gather with some other people who look like they are going by ferry ( after almost by accident getting in the group of people who I now think were boarding a tour bus at the same spot! The clue was they didn’t have luggage….)

The ride was short (about 35 minutes) and only a little bumpy….

Safe arrival after a long journey. Met by Mickey to take me to my rental (hire) car, an hour away. And then another 20 minute drive with me driving now and following Mickey in his car to my destination, the magical Island at the Edge. The story will continue when I get a little better weather for some photos! But I think you can guess why I am here!

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