San Francisco to Frankfurt to Glasgow ….to Builth Wells Wales

It took awhile to get here (blame that 7 hour flight delay in Glasgow ) but I am enjoying my first full day here. And why am I here? I discovered there was a wool festival in the middle of Wales happening before a planned trip to Scotland so decided to see if I could get there. A little harder than I thought but I made it!

It is called Wonderwool Wales and even in town there a sign to help you find it. It is held at the Royal Showground.

This festival is very well attended and some sights were familiar ones.

There were some interesting – and fun – signs and, of course, food.

Not a lot of sheep inside – a Longwool, Shetland and Ryeland – and a small and noisy flock outside.

A fun part of the festival is their “Sheep Walk” (think cat walk) where volunteers model fashion pieces made by the vendors, a twist on what some of us are familiar with in U.S. wool festivals. The mc was hilarious as she tried to recruit volunteers as models and then gave the running commentary. She even got some men involved!

The beautiful backdrop you see there is the Curtain of Poppies project to commemorate the centenary of the end of WWI. From the program notes: “We hoped that this project would bring communities together in the same way that people on the Home Front during WWI were united as they created numerous textile items for the troops serving abroad. The response to our appeal for poppies has been overwhelming and at times very humbling, as parcels of poppies arrived with notes, cards, photographs and information about contributors’ family connections to WWI and their reasons for getting involved.”

All in all, a very nice festival!

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  1. Thanks for the post. I love seeing all those photos.

  2. Oh, how very fun! Definitely worth the hassles of getting there. I want to see more photos of the throw that looks like it has a landscape, including sheep, and a train on it. Of course, I might be seeing it all wrong 🙂 Also any natural dye stories that you pick up along the way!

  3. J & D > How lovely to see you on your travels again, Jacalyn. Builth is familiar to us fom our days living in the Welsh Marches – in SW Shropshire. It’s a joy to see all those people, their enterprises and interests… Lovely as our way of life is, as special the land and sea, we miss diversity. We hope one day, before too long, we’ll be able to do a tour of woolfests and rediscover the extraordinary diversity of the British Isles – and beyond. For now, though, it’s wonderful that we can follow your woolly adventure!

    • And lovely to hear from you! I know but changes are in the offing for you. Would still love to stay in “my” cottage on the croft one more time!

      • J > Yes it would be lovely to see you again, Jacalyn. The changes ahead will come gradually and thoughtfully – nothing sudden or forced ; so there’s a few summers yet … !

  4. Wonder Wool Wales is a bucket list trip for me, as are so many other destinations you have traveled to. I’m so glad you got to enjoy it! Thanks for posting and safe travels! Keep posting!

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