The Winds Win

Our trip to Fair Isle was also cancelled by strong winds. We could have gotten there but probably not have gotten back in time to make our flight out of Shetland to continue our journey. We were, of course, disappointed. And i think i have come up with a strategy, from the advice of locals, to try again later. You just need to allow more time and be more open ended about your time there.

So, what to do? Well it always makes you feel better to have tea! Back to our favorite tea shop in Lerwick.


A stroll around Commercial Street….


Taking in the atmosphere…


And, of course, shopping. How convenient that this yarn shop was right next door to our flat!


And a nice dinner out at the restaurant at the Shetland Museum, after strolling around there for a repeat visit.



We then made plans for the next day to take a class on knitting design using some new techniques a visiting artist from the Netherlands was teaching. Our friend’s mother scheduled it and met us to take us across to the neighboring island of Bressay by ferry. It was a wet and windy day. We drove to the lighthouse where the class was being held…




…only to find that they had misprinted the class date and it wasn’t for three more days!

Okay, we can’t blame that one on the wind but, as Dona said, we are now three for three! Our friend’s mom took us to see their house they have bought on Bressay and are remodeling. Look what we found next to their house, on a wet and windy day it was still a beautiful sight!




And to show you that some things can work out if you just keep trying, here is a preview of the next post!



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