Spring Shearing

It was that time again! The whole flock gets sheared in the spring and about half again in the fall, depending on how their wool grows. We lucked out with really nice weather and a good group of friends to help it all go very smoothly.

The flock was a little suspicious as to why I was not letting them out of the barn. Simple. I wanted help getting them into the shearing stall! With me in the lead and friends following flock it was quickly done with very little of the “rodeo” aspect to it.

They packed in well to the shearing stall. Last chance for awhile to see in full fleece.

Frieda “Can you guys move away a bit? I am feeling squished back here in the corner!”

Frieda, “Thanks. That’s a little better!”

The English Leicesters came to us last summer as yearlings and had been sheared in Michigan in April. We opted not to shear in the fall but now I think they will move into twice a year shearing group.

Lessie, “It will be nice to see again! Wonder what I’ve been missing?!”

Diamond, “I know I have a messy nose but look at my FLEECE. Pretty good for a 15 year old, right?!”

We decided to do the two camelids first. John, the shearer, ties up Paridot’s head to keep him still. Paridot is a good boy but you don’t need him moving around with electric blades nearby! Luckily, John is very athletic!

When we started on the sheep, Robin offered to feed them to John, speeding things up.

Carol and Mary get to work. Right now, I think Carol is admiring fleeces (!) but she helped in the bagging and weighing, along with Colleen. Mary was in charge of getting syringes filled as John also gave them their annual vaccination and wormed them.

The fleeces were, of course, beautiful. Part of that, thanks to Janis who carefully swept between each fleece and kept the area very neat.

The animals always look so very different after shearing.

Hazel, “Hey, I didn’t know I had that spot!”

Most of these great photos were taken by Dona but I had to get this shot – Evangeline just wants to know if she can borrow Dona’s camera, but Dona isn’t so sure about her intentions!

A beautiful day, thanks to good friends, a fantastic shearer, and some pretty cooperative animals!

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