A True and Very Wooly Adventure

I may take some kidding for going public with this, but here goes.


Last week six VERY good friends came over for a planned fleece sorting day. Not sure how I convinced all of them to do this but I think some of them may have offered! The goal – take all of my fleeces out of the wool shed, storage shed, back patio and front porch and sort them by breed before replacing all in the wool shed (used to be the garage).


Colleen brought us all some very colorful gloves. Dona suggested a pool to guess how many fleeces there were.


And we got to work. There was no clear and consistent labelling system for fleeces collected over several years so my job was to listen for people calling out sheep names or other codes to determine in which pile on the drive way to place the bags and boxes. “Kate?” “Karakul”. “Ingrid?” “Churro”. “JF” “Joshua Farm which means it goes in the Shetland pile!” And so forth. Breed names were placed in spots for sorting purposes.




Some additional sorting was sometimes required and Krystle was also able to collect some samples for some upcoming Fibershed related events.



People hand carried or used whatever they could find to move all these fleeces around.




At last – everything out. Empty shelves – a rare sighting here!


After lunch and some chatting, we reversed the process and everything went back in, only in better order! Turns out the East Friesians needed their own room. Everything else fit on shelves, sometimes high on shelves. (Well, ok, there are still a few on the back patio but they are organized!)

Doesn't Dona look happy that we are on the putting away part?!

Doesn’t Dona look happy that we are on the putting away part?!

East Friesian room

East Friesian room



And the answer to how many fleeces? 457!!! And Dona won the pool with her closest guess of over 500. I think she is pretty good at guessing!


Five hours and six friends to organize all this wool so that I can more easily find it when planning projects and preparing orders. Many, many thanks to Carol, Colleen, Dona, Krystle, Mary and Robin for all their help.

Hazel, "Hey, I eat all this good food and it just keeps growing!"

Hazel, “Hey, I eat all this good food and the wool just keeps growing!”

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  1. It was a day full of steps. Did anybody count? I for one, felt a great deal of satisfaction seeing everything go back into their proper spaces, but then I’m weird that way.

    • I wish I had your organizational skills. At least I got to borrow them for the day!

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