Chook Coop Improvements

There is always more you can do for the animals and their surroundings. I never seem to get to all of it. However, these were a couple of things that needed doing and didn’t require me to climb on a ladder!

What  do you think these are for?!


Chickens need calcium to help strengthen their shells. We tried just putting out a bowl of oyster shells for the new chickens like we have done in the past but they just kept spilling them and making more of a mess than usual. So, I thought maybe a wall-mounted container would help.

I discovered that this group of chickens is super curious and really want to supervise things.


Elizabeth continues to supervise and gives the pencil a peck.


A Buff decides to check out the shells once container is mounted. Curious but not very brave initially.


They quickly decide they are ok to sample.


Another improvement was to secure the swing. The chickens love it but we have just missed hitting our heads on it many times. I thought getting it out of the way for cleaning and egg collection might be a good idea. First, I need to put in a screw eye. Elizabeth (I think) has to inspect my work.

Elizabeth, "Not sure I like the look of this!"

Elizabeth, “Not sure I like the look of this!”

A bungee cord through the screw eye works well. No more near misses! Of course, it goes back for their roosting. They really love jumping on it.


It is definitely worth all we put into the chickens when they provide us with such nice eggs!




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  1. [J] [J] Now who is story-telling, Jacalyn? It is so true that chickens are curious. They are fascinated with anything going on in their domain, especially DIY that involves little bits being put down, picked up, moved about. When I hose down the inside of the big chicken house, on the croft, there’ll be a dozen or more birds that refuse to leave, and they simply move round and round to avoid the worst of the deluge (I hose down all internal surfaces – including the roof), but they’re quite prepared to get wet!

  2. What a pretty group of eggs. You are such a good animal,owner.

  3. Thanks for sharing–I am enjoying your more frequent posts! Chickens are some of my favorite people.

    • Me, too! This batch seems particularly intelligent!

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