A Wet Start to the New Year

We are fortunate to have a lot of rain to begin the new year. Well, fortunate for those of us not flooding. We have minor accumulations but everything important is draining well.

The animals are less cheerful about it than we are as they don’t see the connection between water and good eating in the pastures. They prefer grazing to eating dry stuff so, I suppose, they do appreciate the rain in their own way.

The guineas yell a lot when it is wet. Of course, they yell a lot when it is dry so not sure if they know what they are complaining about!


The barnyard is pretty wet and muddy now, which the sheep and camelids really do not like. There is a corner of the doorway where they exit that they prefer as it is the least muddy spot and they all find it.




Rocki, “Seriously, Diamond, does she expect us to exit this way?!”

They lose no time heading up to their favorite grazing hill once they make it through the doorway!


The chickens needed some straw in their run today as it was getting very squishy in there. They love throwing it around. I figure it is mud abatement and entertainment at the same time!


The rain is not affecting their interest in laying eggs. They began mid December and we are now finally getting enough eggs for a meal! They are starting at different times, as we guess by the range of sizes, even though they are all the same age. I think that middle one may be a double yoke – it is even bigger than the occasional egg we get from our older chickens!


So, grateful for the rain – and the eggs!

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  1. I’m not looking forward to the weekend forecast. Elizabeth, Midway and Meridian roads can all flood in heavy rains. My ewes art not happy now, I think I’m going to move them into the horse pasture. It will be still be pretty wet but the barn stays dry in these heavy rains.

    Not my favorite time of the year.

    Just hope we get some nice rain in moderation. The goose is the only one happy here.

    Colleen Simon Fiber Confections fiberconfections.etsy.com


  2. [J] Wasn’t there that hippy-era song, a favourite with present-day buskers, about California Raining? No? Nothing about mud either? Mmm perhaps I’m just California Dreaming? It just bugs me when the mud gets squishy by any door or gate: for heaven’s sake why can’t it do it somewhere else? Why do the animals have to stand in it? And why, here with us in Uist, does the wind have to scoop it up and shower it all over us! Thanks to us Brits in the 19thC, when iron ore from UK was turned into houses, chapels, barns and even shearing sheds all over the world, everyone knows what 3″ corrugated sheeting is like. So, that given, everyone knows how big those eggs are! The middle one? A bit young to double-yolk, but she could be under the belief that the smaller the egg, the shorter her life expectancy. ;~)

    • Hmm..Didn’t even think about the corrugated sheeting – just a convenient place to rest the eggs! Since our laying chickens just retire when they stop laying, I don’t think they have any worries about egg size! But they are young…..We seem to lose the older ones through predators (twice) and just natural causes.

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