From a Box to a Stock Tank to a Deluxe Coop: The Journey of 6 Buff Orpingtons, 6 Ameracaunas and 6 Guinea Keets

We were due to get some new chicks – down to four adult chickens and four Guinea Fowl. Age, predators and – we think – a re-location of a couple Guineas up the road had caused the need to re-supply the farm. The order was placed and the call came from the feed store that they had all arrived!

They came home in a very small box.

in box from Higby's

We had recently removed a stock tank from our dog run, much to Ringo’s dismay but he was getting yeasty from “swimming” in it. It was perfect for raising this large number of chicks – about double what we had ever done before.

in stock tank

They quickly figured out where to eat their feed and drink their water that had electrolytes added for a couple weeks.

figured out where to eat and drink

After about 3 1/2 weeks they were feathered out and had figured out how to fly which was making taking care of them increasingly risky. It was time to move!

is it time to move?

moving day

They were headed for a new chicken coop that we had built into the new barn last year, knowing we would eventually be adding new chicks. It apparently required inspection and approval by the sheep.

Eve inspects new waterer for outdoor run but they won't be out here for awhile.

Eve inspects new waterer for outdoor run but they won’t be out here for awhile.

Indoors, Eve gets help from Nellie and Lily. I guess they approved so we can bring in the chicks.

nellie and lily help eve inspect inside

Nellie, "I wonder where this goes?!"

Nellie, “I wonder where this goes?!”

It looks ready to us, too.

looks ready for move in

They arrived in one box from the feed store but it now takes two to get them to their new home!

"Oh-oh. We're back in a box!"

“Oh-oh. We’re back in a box!”

Welcome home!

birds in a box

better stay in a group!

"Hey - where did everybody go?!"

“Hey – where did everybody go?!”

They quickly found their new food and can settle in and continue growing!

found feeder

Thanks to my friends, Jonathan and Denise, and their wonderful chickens in the Outer Hebrides. I got the idea of adding a swinging roost after seeing something similar in their coop. I will update once the chicks and guineas get big enough to reach it!

And also big thanks to my chicken handlers, Marni and Mary. Hopefully the handling they gave them over the lasts few weeks will give us calmer birds!

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