Sheep Smile

A friend of mine, Carol of Joshua Farm Shetlands, asked me awhile back if I could make a felt banner for her with her logo on it. Carol and her family have a wonderful flock of award-winning Shetland Sheep. She wanted to have the banner done by this year’s Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon, if at all possible. Oh and she wanted it made from her Shetland wool, of course!

Time to get into gear! I washed a few fleeces that I just happened to have (!) of her wool and got them carded into batts.

Here is the logo on one of her yarn wraps.


This will be fun because I get to add some color – and because I love the smile on that sheep!

I got the logo enlarged so the finished size made sense for the 4 ft by 2 ft banner Carol wanted. Then I traced the sheep and the flowers onto heavy interfacing so I could then cut the shapes out of pre-felt (which is is wool that is not completely felted and so can then be felted onto another piece of wool felt).



I needle felted on the colors and details by hand and then placed these pre-felts onto the felted base, added the lettering and ran through the Felt Loom. Finished!


And hung at Black Sheep Gathering this past June!


As for those Shetland Sheep, we are lucky to have three of them on our farm:

Earl, an easy-going wether with very nice real black wool!


Carmen, a moorit ewe who loves her morning and evening bit of bread – and a good chin scratch….


And Eve (usually called Evie), a small ewe with a very sweet temperament and insatiable curiosity (seen here checking out what will be the new chicken coop).


They make me smile.

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  1. [J+D] Such a delightful logo! ;~) And a neat bit of felting too! We’d both love to give Evie a wee scratch under her chin, and bring her some interesting things to investigate, and if we’ve travelled that far we’d probably want to go to the next Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon, too. It’s such a joy to meet up with other sheepy/woolly people!

  2. [J] Evie makes me think of Queenie: intelligent, curious, social. And the Boss!

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