Little Things….and Big Things

Returned from the islands and ready now to get back into the routines of the farm and making things.

First, however, some new things in the barnyard.

Little things….new water buckets. It has been pretty hot here since I got back so the flock gets new buckets outside – and an additional one inside as they are going through more water at night now with drier grasses to eat.

buckets outside


For the big things. we had been thinking since building the new barn that it might be hotter in there than the old barn. It seems to be true. So we ordered some gates made that would let us keep the big doors open at night so air could move around in the barn. It seems to be working pretty well. I have added some wire panels since I took these photos, just to make more predator proof.

The gates fold back nicely against the inside walls.

gate open to inside

The flock wasn’t sure they liked to see in but not be able to get in – or maybe it’s their natural curiosity, demonstrated here by Nellie (of course).

checking out gate

And by Evangeline, looking annoyed (my interpretation).

can't get in

OK. That’s better.

going in

An added bonus is being able to see the flock settle in for the night!

through gate


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  1. What a great idea to get airflow through the barn & give the animals a view at night!

  2. [J] I like this double-door idea! If we do get to build a new lambing/over-wintering shed, we’ll have to do something like this.

    • Although probably not for temperature regulation!

      • No indeed not, more like ventilation regulation!

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