Lambs and Other Animals of the Croft and An Gàrradh Mòr (The Big Garden)

We focus a lot on the sheep while we are here – who wouldn’t?! But there are many other animals where we are staying and nearby at our hosts’ home.

But let’s begin with the sheep again, shall we? We were greeted our first day here by a visit from Rhubarb (whom you have met) and the other bottle baby this year, Primrose, whom I got to hold right away.


They both come over to the croft each day. Rhubarb is now spending his days with the other “boys” – yearling rams and the flock sire, but is still getting three bottle feedings a day. Primrose comes along as she adores Rhubarb. They get a chance to play and explore while Jonathan does chores.





When Rhubarb joins the boys, Primrose is not happy. Such is the life of the little tag-a-long.


The croft also has many beautiful chickens (from whose eggs come wonderful things such as lemon curd made by our hosts!) and geese, shown here with this year’s goslings.



When Primrose isn’t visiting the croft, she is back at The Big Garden. She is rather a persnickety bottle baby and definitely has her favorite feeder.

Is it Mary?


No….Is it Jacalyn?


No….Is it Jonathan?


Maybe….and getting warner. It’s Denise!


Primrose also gets some time with the goslings who currently live here (hatched from incubator eggs). They will also move over to the croft when they are more feathered out and ready.



Then there are the “staying” animals who only live at The Big Garden – cats Tabatha, Dusky, Molly (over 20 years old and not feeling like a picture that day!), Princess Pickle, and Thomas (sorry, Thomas, no picture!) and very special Tilly, the dog.





Whether at the croft or The Big Garden, there are plenty of very well cared-for animals for us to watch, interact with, and enjoy.


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  1. J: Well, Jacalyn, you have captured the essence of our lives very well. Animals! In your last picture, Rhubarb looks so self-assured!

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