The last few days in the Faroes went by in a blur. On Saturday we did some miscellaneous shopping in the capital, Torshavn. Just walking around, getting a light lunch and gathering information for the next day.

On Sundays pretty much everything is closed so we figured this would be a good day to do something that was on our agenda for this trip – a two hour boat cruise to the Vestmanna bird cliffs or Vestmannabjørgini in Faroese. According to the guidebook, these cliffs provide a safe place for “thousands upon thousands of seabirds, attracted by the vast shoals of fish that gather here in the plankton-rich waters of the North Atlantic.”

A short drive from our base in Torshavn and we reach Vestmanna on the northwest side of The island of Streymoy.


Of course we had to look for sheep….


…and get a bite to eat at the shop (this was a lovely apple pie) before boarding our boat (which, I must say, looked small to me for where we were headed!)



Well-narrated in English and Faroese, we had a trip that gave us fantastic views of the cliffs and grottoes.





This one is called “the elephant”. Can you see it?


If you look closely, you can see a group of guillemots nesting here.


The sheep here negotiate extremely steep cliffs to graze. These sheep are not wild but are accounted for as part of a particular flock and have a shepherd checking in on them. How the PEOPLE manage these cliffs is not clear to us!



In the next two pairs of photos I show a close up of the sheep but then pull back to try and give you an idea of their surroundings.





We leave this pretty little village and return home to organize our packing for our last day here and our departure – and fit in a little knitting!



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  1. This last picture makes me think : would this be what Tarbert in the Isle of Harris would like if the Norwegians hadn’t handed over the Hebrides to the Scots in the 13thC – ie if our islands were still ‘Scandinavian’? [Jonathan]

    • Now I am going to have to look at Tarbert more closely this trip!

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