Have You Heard of the Faroes?

I am embarrassed to say I had not heard of these islands until fairly recently. I knew for my trip this year I wanted to return to the Outer Hebrides but what to pair with it? Last year I added Germany to the last part of my trip. This year – I start with the Faroes, a beautiful group of 18 islands, all but one inhabited, in the North Atlantic, halfway between Norway and Iceland.

While planning this trip, I was pleased to find out that my friend, Mary, wanted to go, too. After several months of planning, we are on our way! A flight from San Francisco to Heathrow, and a shortish wait there for our connecting flight to Copenhagen….


Interestingly, at Heathrow they don’t post the gate until much closer to boarding time! But we made it to Copenhagen! Here, we had about a 6 hour layover which gave Mary time to knit – and I snuck in a nap!


From Copenhagen we caught a smaller flight to Vagar, the almost western-most island in the group where the airport is located. I was lucky to get a window seat so here is some of what we saw as we approached. Magical….




Inside the airport a sheep greeted us. OK, so it wasn’t a real sheep but who doesn’t love a country using a cute sheep in their advertising?!


We caught an eerie sunset and a peak of our hotel before picking up our rental car. Note the cool Faroese flag on the license plate!




After a quick look at a map in the hotel lobby, we retired to plan our busy schedule for the next day. Here’s a little hint of what we will be looking for!




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  1. Yay, good to hear that you arrived safely. We are monitoring you on the many (yes, truly!) live web cams that we found on the Faroe Islands!

  2. You did it! You’re really there! Amazing. Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Er, um, looks like you’ve slipped in a picture from the Outer Hebrides by mistake, Jacalyn. The one with the cattle grid. ;~) Seriously, no wonder people here draw comparisons between Faeroes and here!

    • Yes, some great similarities – from my perspecrive – but also learning about some big differences. Can’t wait to both share some of this with you but also for Mary to experience them this close together with “fresh” eyes!

  4. so jealous!

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