A Tale of…..Tails

Those of us with sheep often see them from the back. This can happen when they are busy investigating something or deciding they would just rather head away from us – especially if we don’t have something they want to eat.

regular tales

The sheep tails that we are most used to seeing around here are those that have been docked. This is usually done to help make lambing easier for the ewe and the shepherd and also to help prevent illness under certain circumstances.


Here’s Rocki, our Jacob x BFL (Blue-Faced Leicester). Pretty regular tail.

regular Rocki

Now, can you guess the rest (no cheating trying to see their faces!)? Answers at the end of the post!




E Friesian tails


Answers (in order of photos):

Shetland – Earl the wether. Shetlands have a “rat-tail” and are in the group of North Atlantic short tail sheep

Karakul – Kate or Kari – I can’t tell without see the face! Karakuls are known as “fat-tail” sheep. They are docked somewhat but still end up with a very unusual looking tail!

Herdwick – either Heddy or Hazel. Herdwicks are “fell” sheep from the Lake District in the UK. Traditionally, their tails are not docked.

East Friesians – the new girls. Another form of “rat-tail”,  just a lot longer than the Shetlands.

Llama – Paridot. OK, that was a trick!

Next time you meet a sheep – check the back end. It may be almost as interesting as the front!

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  1. An interesting viewpoint!

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