New Arrivals

I know it’s been awhile. Blogging takes more time than you’d think! I have recently been motivated by my friends in the Outer Hebrides who seem to manage it and are way busier than I am! So, here goes – a new resolution for 2016 to do a better job of posting. I know, it’s mid-February but I’ll try and catch up!

Two new arrival events here. The first – a long-awaited carder that is turning out to be even more fun than I expected. It arrived from Stonhedge Fiber Mill in Michigan and it took a very expert forklift operator to get it positioned right in the garage (aka wool shed).

getting off truck

All put together.


I wanted to try a tri-colored ombre batt to make felt. Of course, Jacob wool is perfect for that.

Weighed and on the belt.

weighed wool

on belt

Batts are made on a drum at the other end.

on drum

There is also a roving platform which works really well!

roving deck

I liked that tri-color Jacob batt so much I had to make a piece of felt out of it. Here’s the batt off the carder and the roll of felt it made.


felt in roll

The other new arrival will provide even more wool to work with! I was lucky enough to get two East Friesian ewes, Dolly and Frieda, from Barinaga Ranch. I was at their recent shearing and was able to get a couple photos before they came to our place.

Dolly and Frieda

Dolly and Frieda

All the sheep at Baringa are highly valued and Frieda gets a good-bye hug from Lisa.

Lisa says goodbye

Marcia delivered them to our expectant flock…

who's coming

…who checked them out and chased them around before ignoring them. Typical.

checked out by flockrodeo

The first night, they weren’t sure where to go at put-away time. But they figured it out with a little help.

at gate

going in

In the barn, they located food and water and are learning our routines.

by cart

by water

barn interior

Welcome Dolly and Frieda!

pretty grass

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  1. Wow! Oh my goodness! Wow! That’s just so exciting – the possibilities are endless! I look forward to seeing more of this wonderful machine and the what happens to what comes out of it!

  2. So great to see your new additions. Life does seem to short to hand-card. Your new device seems to do a beautiful job. Your tri-color felt piece turned out beautifully. Can’t wait to see how that beautiful Friesian turns out. You have more fun than most anyone I know! I love hearing about all of it.

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