New Barn Build – Day 5

Hard to believe all this can happen in five days. Here is what the north and south ends of the barn look like now.

barn north end

barn south end

We will be constructing a barnyard on the north end to help us get the flock in at night, like we do now with the old barn. Here is where the gate will go.

where gate will go

Also, while doing all this, we are repairing a fence with our neighbor. She and I decided to move the gate so that hay deliveries would be smoother to our new hay room. Here is the new gate with a look at our neighbor’s beautiful horses.

driveway gate

At the end of the day, the flock makes their usual inspections. Eve decided that some interior close inspection was needed.

flock starts inspection

eve checks construction

Paridot is so now used to the new barn being there that he looks pretty bored.

paridot bored

Evangeline would like to be sure he is ok….

evangeline checks Pari

I'm fine - leave me alone!

Paridot “I’m fine – leave me alone!”

Inspections finished for the day, the flock heads out. Probably wondering what tomorrow will bring!


WInnie, “Come on guys, we’re out of here.”

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  1. Winnie : “Hmmph. No sign of any hay. Let’s hope it’s not just for tractors and piles of ‘stuff’ like most humans seem to use barns for!”

    • You are so right, Jonathan. That’s just the way Winnie (and the rest of them) think! Don’t worry, after painting, fencing and electrical – there will be hay in the barn!

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