New Barn Build – Day 4

The big day has arrived – delivery of the barn pieces!

delivery truck

delivering pieces

There was a little glitch. Some of the pieces were too large to go in the gate near the new barn site as we had planned. So, we opened up the road gate to the pasture the sheep were in. With a little extra work on the part of Jim, the contractor, they were able to get everything in that way.

lifting pieces up

However, this meant we had the flock to deal with. We couldn’t have them escaping out that gate to the road. Luckily, a few friends stopped by and I put them to work.

lots of friends

We found if we carried big sticks we could keep the flock from getting too close to that open gate.

Mary and I may have been discussing strategy here…..

we might have been discussing strategy

I found that my friends were so good at keeping the flock in order, I could take a break.

i am sitting

Dona heads out with her stick to work with the flock.

dona heads out

Of course she couldn’t resist a great photo op! (Thanks, Dona, for helping get me some great photos!)

dona puts down stick to take photo


Winnie, “What do you think they’re doing?” Diamond, “Not a clue.”

Once they off-loaded all the pieces into the first pasture, we were able to close the gate.

everything in first pasture

All that driving back and forth churned up a lot of dirt. Llamas and alpacas know what that dirt is for!

dirt bath

pari's turn

Now all those pieces had to be moved into the pasture where the barn is being built.

going into 2nd pasture

After getting it all moved, the build crew quickly got to work. At first it looks pretty random.

looks pretty random

But very quickly it started looking like a building!

wood going in

close up

A peek into the new hay room.

looking into hay room

After the crew left, the sheep did their inspections.

sheep inspect day 4


Laura, “I wonder which room is mine?”


Winnie, “Wish they’d get this equipment out of the way.” Quentin, “Yes, it makes it harder to graze!”

Inspections finished, the sheep head to the upper pasture, satisfied that their new barn will soon be ready! Thanks to Dona, Mary and Colleen for the herding help – and a fun day!

enough inspecting

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