New Barn Build – Day 3

Day 3 began, as far as Paridot was concerned, like Day 2.

“Here we go again…..”

This time I think we got them all. No problem.

looks like we'll get everyone this time

And I think they are beginning to enjoy their breakfast outdoors.


I managed to sneak Pari a little extra alfalfa for all his good work.

alfalfa for pari

“And I deserve every mouthful!”

A lot of the success of these builds is everything happening on schedule. There was a little concern today when the building inspector was running behind that it would be too late to get the cement here and poured.

I was relieved to look down on the build at one point and see that the cement truck had arrived!

view from above

It took three trucks to bring enough to fill the forms. But it all worked!

cement truck

cement in

When the build team left, it was time to let the sheep back out. They spread out to  check on this day’s progress.

time to go back


Nellie, “Well, are you coming?”

time to see what's been happening

At the end of the day I got a nice surprise from Michele, the Operations Manager from Castlebrook Barns. She sent me photos of our barn, loaded up and on its way for delivery tomorrow! Here are a couple of them. Looks like a lot of excitement for tomorrow!

barn on way 1

barn on way 2

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