New Barn Build – Day 1

We decided after the alpacas came that we probably needed a new barn. The old one has been great and has a lot of character so it’s not going anywhere soon but a leaking roof has been difficult to get repaired properly and it seems a little more crowded with 17 sheep, 2 alpacas and one llama who all want their own space (and sometimes the visiting chooks add to the congestion).

So plans began earlier this year for a new barn. We went with a company one of our neighbors had used and have been really happy with the process so far. Getting permits was challenging for me as I had never had to do this before. But, other than that, so far so good.

Here is the spot in the pasture where the barn will go.

build barn here

The first job for me on Day 1 was to get the flock out of the way. We weren’t so worried about them bothering the workers but gates getting opened and closed all day could result in an unplanned escape. After reviewing several options, we decided to put them in the far lower pasture. We did a dry run Sunday and it went well. Of course.

Monday morning, I followed the same plan and the sheep cooperated well. I rolled a small cart of hay to the new pasture and they willingly followed.

sheep in pasture

Can you see who is missing in the next photo?

sheep eating

That’s right – 2 alpacas and a llama. They did not get with the program. I tried luring with grain which they happily ate until we got close to the pasture and then changed their mind and headed back toward the old barn. I rushed to get the gate closed but three sheep – Quentin (who prefers to be near Paridot), Kate, and Laura – escaped before I could get the gate shut. So, I decided they could all just stay in the barnyard.

in barnyard

The rest of the flock was not happy and a lot of baa-ing went on for awhile.

“Let us out!”

Here’s the work from the first day.

ground work

The flock was happy to be reunited at the end of the day and enjoyed checking things out. Heddy decided that under the flat bed was a good place to hang out.


sheep check out equipment

heddy under flat bed

I need a new plan for tomorrow to get everyone down to the same pasture. And I think it involves Paridot.

“Oh-oh. I don’t like the sound of that!”

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