Another Day in Austria

We returned to Austria for more wool adventures. Our first stop was to pick up boiled wool from Scheiber Exclusiv by Landleben who make their own products but also prepare boiled wool for other groups, such as Nathalie’s, to make other products.

Here is what Nathalie picked up.

boiled wool for Nathalie

And, if I have this right, here are samples that Nathalie let me take home of Coburger Fuchsschaf (top) and Alpines Steinschaf boiled wool.

coburger fuchsschaf boiled woolalpines steinschaf boiled wool

Besides making the boiled wool, they also make beautiful sweaters from it. Here is some of the material ready to be made into sweaters and the workshop where it all happens.

fabric piecesworkshop

The finished products are lovely.

sweaters on shelfon manekin

In fact, I admired them so much that they helped me pick one out to take home! The sleeves of the sweater are knit and the body is boiled wool. It will be awhile before it is cold enough here to wear it but I am looking forward to it! It is a blend of the wool from Mountain Sheep plus silk and cotton.

my sweater

Before we left, Nathalie examines a potential pattern for the garments her group sells from their wool.

sweater edge

We move on to our next stop.

mountainmountain 2

area around shop

We had a little trouble finding this place, but not too much. Nathalie had  not been here before so it was an adventure for her, too! Here is where they make loden – another boiled wool but one that is woven first. The boiled wool from the last stop is knitted and then boiled.

loden sign

Everything about this place was charming – from the door to the carved steps, I felt like I had stepped back in time.



Everything here was so clean. I loved seeing the carding equipment close up.

carder 2

crosswise roving strips

Here is what they make from the loden (material shown in cabinet): capes (I want one but I think I need to live someplace colder!), pants, and boot/shoe tops (Nathalie and I joked that these could be good rattlesnake protection here in Northern California!)

loden in cabinet

capes 2

wool pants

felt legsshoe tops on

Here is a sample of the loden that Nathalie gave me to take home.


Leaving here, we headed back to Germany but went a different way – through (and maybe over and around?) the mountains of Arlberg.

mountains from highway leaving loden

Longest tunnels I have ever been in!


winding roads

winding roads 2

Nathalie’s friend, Fritz (remember the pigs?!), had told her about a nice restaurant in Bregenz by an open air ampitheater on Lake Konstanz. This lake is surrounded and shared by three countries: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It was nice to relax before headed home – my last evening before my final sheep adventure in Germany.

open air ampitheater


lake konstanz

Sorry there were no actual sheep in this post. However, here is a preview for the next post: my last one from inside Germany!

welcome from sheep and goats

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