Barra and …..Barra: What a Difference a Day Makes

My hosts, Denise and Jonathan, kindly drove me to the ferry and showed me a little more scenery along the way. Dropped off at the ferry in plenty of time to catch the boat to cross the Sound of Barra and arrive for a bus ride (I really like this transportation system!) to the airport.

ferry coming in past wall

ferry docking

The weather was a little rougher on this crossing but not at all bad.

black and yellow buoy

They even transported a tour bus on this ferry, which I thought was impressive as it was a much smaller ferry than the one I took from Leverburgh to Berneray. The ferry people are ready for anything. When it was obvious that the bus wouldn’t clear the end of the ramp, they hurried out with mats to put under the front wheels!

bus leaving

Arriving at the airport, I was happy to find a very nice, if crowded, waiting room.

waiting room

It soon cleared when the earlier flight took off and I was able to get the all important coffee and scone.

coffee and scone

As the time got nearer, we began to realize that the plane would be delayed. The weather was getting worse. “Late” finally became “Cancelled”, apparently an unusual occurrence. However, since this is the only airport in the world where the planes land on the beach, I might have suspected there was going to be a problem as the weather got worse. As I tried to figure out what this meant for my connection in Glasgow to continue on to Leeds and then on to my felting workshop, a Very Kind couple on the same flight heard about my predicament and offered to drive me from Glasgow (where their car was parked) to Garsdale Head (North Yorkshire) to a B & B near the village where my workshop would be held. Without their help, I never would have made it there at all.

So that was settled, but now the airline had to find us accommodations on a very small island. They did a very good job and booked us at a B & B on the ocean. Looking out my window there, you can maybe see why the plane couldn’t land.

rough weather day - view from window

The next morning, the weather had cleared enough and there was some time to hang out on this beautiful beach area behind the B & B before heading back to the airport.

ocean view 1

ocean view 2

Before I fly out, here are a couple maps to show where I’ve been. In the first, you can see Stornoway near the top where I flew into. Then the route to Tarbert, then to Leverburgh at the tips of South Harris where I caught the ferry to Berneray.

map 1

In the second map, I took the bus from Berneray to Eriskay, the island after the southern tip of South Uist. Finally, the ferry from Eriskay to Barra.

map 2

A number of us waited outside to see the plane come in. How many times do you see a plane land on a beach? Here are some tracks from previous take offs and landings.

tracks 1

tracks 2

It is pretty windy…and the plane is about an hour late, causing me to wonder if they would have to cancel again.

wind sock

But, no, here it comes.

plane 1

plane 2

plane 3

So, with a pretty good view from inside this tiny plane, I am off to Glasgow and on to the approximately 3 hour drive to North Yorkshire!

from plane 1

from plane 2

from plane 3

from plane 4

from plane 5

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