From Stornoway to Tarbert

Before leaving Stornoway this afternoon, I looked around the town some more. I am always fascinated by unusual (to me) street signs – helpful ones:

And those showing you are in a really different place! Many signs here are in Gaelic as well as English.


In a little park are two things made of stone that symbolize part of the history here. I think the house is a “black house”. The only way to heat the homes was to burn peat. The replica standing stones are a miniature of what you can see other places around here, dating from ancient times,


The birds here seem to appreciate the chimney pots for their roosting.

Soon it was time to board a bus for the one hour trip to Tarbert, saying “good-bye” to my first night’s hotel along the way.

The scenery on the drive was very nice, although a little desolate looking (not counting the sheep!) it is very rocky with some beautiful water views although most of them seemed to be on the other side of the bus! We were on a very winding road – no highways like I am used to!


My host for the next couple days picked me up at the pier where the bus drops you off and brought me to Ceol na Mara (“Song of the Sea”).


Here is the view from my room…


…which you know made me want to get closer! My host said I could explore, but shut the gate so the sheep don’t get into the yard!


I realized at about 10 feet from her that she doesn’t know me AND she has four very solid looking horns!


She was very calm – probably used to people – but I thought I’d move on and get some other shots. The ground is very boggy here…


…but worth walking on for these views!


Look at these interesting shells along the road – I am guessing maybe the birds drop them?


Tomorrow I will be spending most of the day in the village of Tarbert. There is a 100% chance of rain so it will be very different from the last couple days’ weather, which has been exceptional!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Love those gorgeous rocks and the stark but intriguing landscape. Travel safely!

  2. I hope you found some good walking shoes. Today’s question is “why are there no trees”. Were they all cut down centuries ago and didn’t grow back? and some help with the breed of sheep you are seeing please.

    • See today’s blog for answers to your questions!

  3. Thanks for taking me along on this triip! I hope you’re bringing home some fleece, you must be running low. What kind of sheep are they?

    • These are Scottish Blackface. Well, not really running low on fleeces but hope to,be shipping some home from Germany – stay tuned!

  4. Beautiful countryside. Love the look of the B&B and the blue markings on the sheep. Reminds me of Ireland and colored sheep so the owners could tell their sheep from the neighbor’s. No bells around their necks? 😉

    • No bells here but I think the markings are for the same purpose as the sheep are on public land which is then leased to the crofters (shepherds in this case).

  5. These pictures are marvelous. Could you already visit a spinning mill to see how Harris Tweed is made?

    • I wasn’t able to get to an exhibition on the tweed today due to weather and transport issues. I will, however, be visiting a mill in Grimsay which is not fully operational yet but they have agreed to me stopping by so I should have more to tell you when we meet on Germany!

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