The Beginning of the Outer Hebrides

Welcome to a chain of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Scottish mainland! Ian Lawson, in his incredible book “From the Land Comes the Cloth”, which I was lucky enough to pick up today, says “The perpetual rhythm of the North Atlantic has shaped some of the oldest rocks in the world into fifty or so islands, around fifteen of them inhabited. Together, they make up the most extraordinary archiplelago, home to close-knit communities, rare wildlife habitats and teeming seabird colonies. A photographer’s paradise.” My photographs are much less spectacular but it will be an interesting journey.

Not much to report yet – it has been a long day (I guess two days) with three flights and a very long layover in Glasgow, which was good since I had to go into the Glasgow City Centre to get a phone that works locally!

The last flight on a quite small plane – about 36 seats – got me to Stornoway, the capital of the Outer Hebrides. Here is the view from my hotel on the main street – Cromwell – and, yes, that is a castle in the distance, Lews Castle, but not all that old. Still, we don’t have many castles back home so it was worth taking a picture of it!


Here is a taste of the local architecture:





If I had come by ferry – rather than plane – this is where I would have landed.


From the looks of these shops and signs, I will be doing a little shopping before getting on the bus for Tarbert – my next stop. No sheep photos yet – I saw some very large fluffy ones on the way here from the airport but the taxi driver was going too fast for me to get a good shot! I hope to remedy that on the way to Tarbert tomorrow!




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  1. Great photos Jackie! I am excited to follow you along on your trip, and impressed that you are posting already. What stamina you must have. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Hope the Internet connections stay strong.

    • Thanks, Mary! Am starting to recover after some napping and a short walk. Yes, I too hope for continuing reasonably good wifi! The weather was exceptionally nice today. That won’t continue out here, too long. But maybe long enough for me to get to my next stop!

  2. Hi Jackie
    Love the pictures. It look like a lovely area. It looks like they don’t have overhead wires for power and cable. It that true or I just can’t see them in your pics?

    • Wow – you are more observant than I am! I was just thinking my photos make it look pretty absent of people. I think that’s because I try not to get them in the shots!

  3. Wish I were there! Am glad you’re there! Can’t wait to see the next installment!

  4. I just love all your “wooly” adventures. What a lovely little town. Yum…fish and chips.

    • Thanks! That looked good but went with a seafood medley at the hotel’s restaurant last night!

  5. Wow. Just Wow.

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