“Newest” Flock Members

I was going to title this post “I Guess They Are Staying” but it has now been about 3 1/2 months since alpacas Evangeline and Asta joined the flock so it is a done deal! The day they arrived, the flock knew right away that something was up. the gathering


Paridot, “Hey – wait for me!”

The new flock members get unloaded. unloading Paridot carefully checks them out and the flock watches them explore their new home. pari checks them out flock watches them explore Evangeline and Asta love Paridot a little more than he loves them… face off


Paridot, “Argggghhhh!!!”

…especially when they steal his favorite dirt bath spot!


Paridot, “You’re in my spot!”

But, they have now adjusted to the farm’s routine – exploring the front pasture (when it was still green!)… exploring front …getting sheared


Evangeline, “I hate this part of getting the dirt blown out!”


Evangeline, “I like this part!” [thanks helpers Amy and Mary]


Evangeline, “I hate this part, too!”


Asta, “It helps if you let them cover your eyes.” [Thanks to Dona for all the great shearing photos]

“You’re next, buddy!”

…enduring their first vet check here


Evangeline, “Yup, you guessed it – I don’t like this much either – although the vet was nice!”

But, overall, they have adjusted well and enjoy hanging out with Paridot… hanging out with pari

by tree …and sometimes even with me. I have gone from saying maybe they’re staying to I can’t imagine the flock without them. Thanks, Pat and Jon for this fun addition to our flock. It keeps things interesting! eating from me

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  1. Your family keeps growing! It was great to see photos of the four-legged additions. Linda

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