My Occasional Visit to the Michigan Fiber Festival

On a recent visit to see family in Michigan I was also able to include a couple stops at the Michigan Fiber Festival, always a fun place to visit.


Because I was organizing a fleece pick up (more on that later) I didn’t spend a lot of time visiting vendor booths. Of course, I had to stop at the T-shirt booth….


And visit my friends in the Jacob Sheep Breeders booth….


And find a little color to show spinning friends back home….



But then it was on to….


This festival is not as big as Black Sheep Gathering or some others I have visited but still has a really nice selection of sheep breeds.

Of course, the very familiar Jacobs.


And who could mistakes our big-eared friend for anything but a BFL?


Look at this crimp from a BFL!


Some very pretty little Shetlands…..


These Icelandic Sheep couldn’t be bothered to stop eating for me to get photos of their faces. It’s ok guys, we all have our priorities!


And who could resist these elegant Karakul Sheep faces? (i may be prejudiced since I think my Karakul wether, Quentin, has one of the prettiest faces I’ve ever seen).


But, the short visit was over. I needed to pack up the rental car to get six fleeces from my friend Rose’s flock (OK, it was going to be 5 but one little Jacob fleece from Fat Toaster Jacobs and some beautiful Jacob roving from Sweetgrass Farm managed to jump into the car!) and some handmade wooden drawers from my folks’ old house over to UPS for shipping back home. I often have friends riding with me to fiber festivals. Luckily not this time!


One more fleece to drop off at Zeillinger’s Wool Mill who are here at the festival (Convenient, huh?!) to get processed into roving and I can be on my way. This is Coco Chanel, a gorgeous CVM x Australian Bond from my friend, Rose, of Promised Land Sheep and Beef in Northern Michigan. I have had this fleece before and it makes the most beautiful rusty brown hand spun yarn.


I like this small-ish, friendly fiber festival and I am sure I will be back sometime.


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  1. Thank goodnes you didn’t come home empty-handed. I hope to return to the world of fiber eventually. I miss you all — two and four -legged, both! Linda

  2. Looks like great fun — and you picked up a lot of goodies, always a bonus!


  3. That’s great! I’m originally from Michigan too!

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