New Sheep

This blog post is WAY overdue. But I want to state up-front that it is NOT my fault. This is Carmen, the sheep’s blogger (well, and the llama’s blogger, if you count him. Some do. Some don’t)

I wanted to write this awhile back but Jackie kept saying “No, I’m too tired from all the travel” (what does her being tired have to do with ME writing the blog? The lady makes little sense sometimes). But I finally convinced her that people would give up waiting for her blog and switch to reading ones on goats….or rabbits….or cats – whatever people do when they don’t have blogs about sheep to read.

I have to rely on Jackie for part of this story. I think she told you awhile back that she picked up some new sheep in Oregon. She went there with her friend, Dona. I like Dona. She makes me look really good in her photos of me. So, these new sheep got to ride in the back of the van.

riding home in back

I guess they were so comfortable back there, they could even eat while they rode!
Heddy and Hazel eating in van


They seem to be learning the routines – like coming into the barn with the rest of us.

h & h come in with flock

I had to show them where to get water.

"Drink here."

“Drink here.”

Sometimes I have Diamond lamb-sit them.

Diamond oversees

Turns out, Diamond is good at baby-sitting because she is a Grandmother. We found this out when her granddaughter, Laura, came to live with us after the Herdwicks arrived.


"Yes, Laura, lambs are a lot of work. We need to keep an eye on them".

“Yes, Laura, lambs are a lot of work. We need to keep an eye on them”.

Apparently, they thought Laura might have some milk for them. She had lambs this year at her old place but she said she is done with that now so – no more milk, lambs.

hazel thinks Laura might have milk

Well, I guess Laura can stay. Even though she is a Jacob. I worked hard to increase the number of Shetlands here (I traded my friend, Cassie, for Eve and Earl – two for one!) but apparently I have failed. The Jacobs now outnumber us more than 2 to 1 (I am a smart sheep and can do higher math).

And, I guess the Herdwicks can stay. They are pretty darn cute (for not being Shetlands).

You’ll hear from me again whenever I can get Jackie to let me get a word in.

Carmen the Beautiful

cute faces







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