French Sheep Adventure Begins

Well, that’s not completely accurate as we have not seen any sheep yet! However, we are in Paris and that is a good start to the trip!

Dona and I arrived and had planned to do something in Paris in order to keep ourselves awake. A nap would have been nice but we figured out how to use the Metro and got ourselves into a section of Paris near Notre Dame.

Of course, our first stop was to get coffee (I think it helps with jet lag!)


Then, we headed off to find Notre Dame.


There was a lot of activity in the area. A band was playing with huge crowds.


And there was an exhibit of breads and bread making.



We decided that a good way to finish the day was to take a cruise on the Seine which would allow us to see a lot of the monuments and bridges in the area.


And, of course, it gave Dona a chance to take lots of photos!


There were so many interesting statues and most of the bridges were decorated as well.





All in all, a good way to spend our first day here!


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  1. What a wonderful adventure for you and Dona! How do you say “Baaa” en Francais?

  2. Looks like a great first day – I’m looking forward to reading all about the trip as I do some armchair travel with you!

    • We’re certainly having fun! Watch for something related to sheep soon as that’s what we’re really here for!

  3. It looks like the weather is great! enjoy and please keep us all up to date on your Wooly Adventures!

    • Yes, the weather has been fantastic. I think we are in for some rain but we are inside for the next two days at the conference so hopefully it gets it out of the way then!

  4. Dona–it all looks WONDERFUL and I can’t wait to see your (complete folio of) pictures! Wish I was there! 🙂

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