Boats, Trains and Buses

OK, the boat was yesterday but we continued our exploration of Paris today by train and bus.

You can get around Paris pretty well by using the Metro, their train system. Well, you can as long as you remember where you got on and off (we are getting better at this!) The entrances are identified but sometimes we just went in the wrong direction!


The trains were fast and, as long as we listened to the announcements AND watched the map of the stops, we did fine. I wish I had taken a photo of all the steps we climbed getting in and out of train stations!


Once in Paris, we found one of the open air buses and got on for about a 2 hour tour of a section of the city.


We saw different things from the bus than we did from the boat. I am still so impressed with the variety of architecture.




Buildings are adorned with living art…


…all manner of gold statues…



And other unusual adornments




With a look at the entrance to the Louvre


Another view of the Eiffel Tower…


…and the sight of the French flag fluttering in the breeze of this beautiful weather we are having


…we were done with touring for the day (although one of us might have thought we should check the map to make sure…)


It was time for another cafe stop before heading back to the hotel (cappuccino and cafe creme)


And to start our planning for the 8th World Congress of Coloured Sheep which begins tomorrow!


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  1. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post — SHEEP!

  2. Looks like another pretty day. I think you should cut yourselves some slack about the metro. I left a baseball game in Oakland on BART heading to Concord but ended up in SF! I even speak and read the local language. It happens, Life is an adventure. I can’t wait hear about the conference.

  3. Oh thank you for sharing your travels! I love to travel even if it’s in an armchair. Glad the weather is so nice. Bon voyage.

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