Where Have I Been and What Have I Been Doing?!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post (thanks for all the reminders, friends and family!) but it’s been a busy spring.

Spring means new lambs. I had the chance to visit friends who lamb:

Robin at Meridian Jacobs

jacob lambs

Colleen at Fiber Confections has beautiful Romeldale/CVM Sheep and lots of very pretty lambs!

cvm ewes and lambs


cvm ewe and lam close up


And when fleece shopping (more on that later!) I got to see Merino Sheep in coats (to protect their wool) and Merino lambs at Mendenhall Wool Ranch.

merinos in coats


merino lambs


And, of course, besides lambs being a sign of spring, shearing all those sheep is also a sign of spring. Some shearings happen at other times of the year for various reasons (I shear twice a year as some of my sheep breeds do better with that), but spring is most common here.

I visited the shearing at Forest Home Farms in San Ramon where my friend Patsy has her sheep, the beautiful CA Reds and a few other breeds.

CA Reds

This year, for the first time, we sold yarn made from their wool. It was very popular and we sold out of the CA Red and started a waiting list for the next yarn produced!

selling yarn at Patsy's

Another favorite place to visit for shearing (a little earlier in February) is Barinaga Ranch. The East Friesian Sheep who live here are valued for their milk production which Marcia makes into fantastic cheese. However, we also value them for their wool! The sheep here are waiting for shearing (along with a guardian dog cleverly camouflaged in the middle!).

e friesians

And here are some hot pads I have made from their gorgeous wool.

e friesian hot pads

Of course, we had our own shearing here. Rocki seems to be telling Nellie that it wasn’t so bad. She needn’t have worried – Nellie is a pro at this.

rocki at shearing day


Kari and Kate, the Karakuls, look sleek after their “hair cut”, don’t they?!

kate and kari shearing day

“Shearing season” means “fleece purchasing season” as well. I have co-enablers in this endeavor. Here Robin and Mary  and Amy are gathering up some Targhee cross fleeces.

robin and mary filling a bag

And here Mary and Colleen and I look to be seriously evaluating some staples from fleeces our shearer, John, had for sale.

buying more fleeces with friends

I have also been selling my wares at various places, including the Napa Women’s Club Spring Craft Show

Dona, Colleen and I shared this booth opportunity. A very fun two days.

Dona, Colleen and I shared this booth opportunity. A very fun two days.

My second year as a vendor at the Napa Farmer’s Market.

napa mkt

And I am an artisan at the Orinda Books where they generously let a few artisans display our creations.

orinda shop

Here’s a close up of a new creation I am particularly fond of – a needle felted picture I call “Wooly Wildflowers”.

wooly wildflowers

Probably the biggest change this year was moving to an adjacent property. This gives our flock more room to roam and lets me turn part of our old house into studio space for me.

We now live on top of that hill!

We now live on top of that hill!

The sheep and Paridot seem to love the chance to explore more territory.

flock on hill


Beyond that, it is just enjoying our funny animals’ antics…

Eve, "Could you move a little closer so I can reach that tree, too?!"

Eve, “Could you move a little closer so I can reach that tree, too?!”

…and the beauty of the farm.

(Dona, as always, thanks for all the great photos!)


I think that catches you up on what I’ve been doing.


Next post will be from France where I am attending the 8th World Congress on Coloured Sheep. Hope to bring back some new ideas (and maybe a fleece or two?!)



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  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Can’t wait to hear ‘Tales from France’ – more appropriately, ‘Tails from France’? Have a great time.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I think Robin has us scheduled for a show and tell at our demo get together!

  2. Well that was a fast way to wrap up five months in one blog!! Can’t wait for the France blogs. I think they will be great. I can help you with them. 😉

  3. Thanks for the mention and pictures of my sheep. Even though I know where you have been and what you have been doing, it’s still impressive to read about all these events.

    Colleen Simon Fiber Confections http://www.fiberconfections.com


    • Well, you are a great enabler! (That’s a good thing when it’s about sheep and wool!)

  4. Great post and can’t wait to see and hear all about your adventures.

    • Thanks, Chris! We are looking forward to a wooly (but not too wild!) adventure.

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