A little bit of green….

A little while back we finally got some rain. We decided to let the flock check out the front pasture which we had been keeping them out of. First, I checked out the fencing and general area to see if there were any potential problems to them being in there.

I saw our seasonal creek which was still dry.

seasonal creek


I saw some more potential natural dye materials – our red iron bark eucalyptus. See the red in the stems and the berries? I get a very nice dark yellow to orange color from it when dyeing wool.

red iron bark


Our guineas were finding something good to eat.



OK. Everything looks ok. Time to let the waiting flock out.

 "Where are we going?"

“Where are we going?”

Some got a little behind.

"Wait for me!"

“Wait for me!”

"Where'd they go?"

“Where’d they go?”

"Maybe they went this way"

“Maybe they went this way”

The flock found a little grazing, although it hadn’t greened up much.

some grazing

checking out far front


At the end of the day, the flock heads back to the barn.

heading back in

Good night.

Good night.














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