Carmen Speaks

hi. it’s carmen. marley told me this is the way you start a blog post. i miss him and have very large hooves to fill but thought i’d give it a try. (marley also told me he would have written a post more often but jackie seemed to not want to leave her laptop in the barn very often – something about dirt but, hey, we live there, don’t we? ) anyway, like i said, i will give this a try but don’t expect to hear from me very often.

it is important that i write this post as much has happened in our shetland world. i am a shetland sheep and cassie is a shetland sheep. cassie doesn’t live here anymore as her breeder wants her to have lambs at her place. i think i am glad she did not pick me for that job. i have enough work to do here, which i will tell you about.

so, cassie left and went back to her old flock.

cassie leaves


she met up with some of her old friends and waited to get sheared.

cassie waits for shearing


while she was there, she met some other special shetlands – eve…..

eve close up


and earl….

earl thinking


one morning a little later, jackie told me she was bringing us a surprise. i thought she meant a new kind of alfalfa. nope. it was these guys.

jackie should have seen that eve would be trouble. look at her climbing on earl. you will see where that leads later.

getting halters on


but she brought them home anyway.

in the vaneve and earl arrive


in yard


we first saw them through a fence. a good plan, if you ask me.

carmen meets earl


but, they had to come in sometime so i knew i’d need to show them the ropes. I explained all the rules here – don’t fight, come in at night, share the food, don’t harass the llama, try not to run into jackie…..

carmen explains the rules


hey, eve, i am still talking!

carmen chases eve


i showed them where the water is…

told them where the water is


they figured out pretty fast where to eat

lots of places to eat here


i hope they figure out how to join the flock. they still seem a little unclear about flock dynamics.

they think of leaving


and i KNEW this girl was a climber

eve climbs


eve in hay storage


hopefully, she’ll figure it out. i have to leave them on their own sometimes. i am not a yearling-sitter.

carmen leaves them


but i think they will eventually figure it all out. we all did.

marley said it was important for the flock to have a voice. i guess i am it now – being the smartest sheep in the flock. someone has to keep track of what’s going on around here.

more later.

love, carmen

final shot of carmen

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  1. You are filling Marley’s shoes quite nicely, treating us to your own point of view!

    • i have plenty to say. just gotta get the others to listen!

  2. Way to go, Carmen! Loved your post. Good luck with the newbies!

    • thanks, i need it. eve baas a LOT. earl is pretty cool, tho.

  3. Carmen, Thanks for stepping into Marley’s blogging hooves.We animals need to speak for ourselves more often. I’ve been chewing on some ideas for making a paws/hoof friendly keyboard for a laptop or iPad you carry around in your mouth like a normal animal and keep in a handy spot like a bale of straw or a decent well covered hole. Humans, you’ve got to love ’em but they are so hands and speech oriented. Woof! —Jimmy Merlinsdog

    • hey jimmy, keep me in the loop. i like the way you think!

      love, carmen (baa-baa)

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