Is There Such A Thing as Too Many Fleeces?

I get asked this question periodically (and sometimes ask it of myself).

I love going to other people’s shearings – seeing all those fleeces come off the sheep is like getting to have a birthday several times a year, without getting any older!

Seeing bags of fleeces waiting to be looked at is almost as good as being at the shearing.

Fleeces at Forest Home Farms in San Ramon

Fleeces at Forest Home Farms in San Ramon

After getting help with weighing (you usually buy fleeces by weight) from my friend Patsy…

patsy helps me weigh

…the fleeces easily fit into my van.

fleeces in van

Sometimes I have to go into unusual places to look at fleeces.

in debby's wool shed

Last December, my friends Dona and Mary and I made a visit to Barinaga Ranch in Marshall to check on some more E. Friesian fleeces (wonderful dairy sheep). Yes, there were more fleeces in bags…

bags of fleeces

black fleece

Marcia has yarn and roving made from her fleeces. We were lucky to get some more of this yarn that day.

Marcia with an armload of wonderful E. Friesian yarn!

Marcia with an armload of wonderful E. Friesian yarn!

Vans are good for transporting yarn, too!

yarn going home

This yarn and these fleeces make wonderful knit-felt hot pads.

e friesian  hot pads

Of course, it is important to see the sheep that give us this beautiful wool so we had to make a quick stop to say “hi.”

sheep coming towards us

sheep group

So, back to the original question. Is there such a thing as too many fleeces? You do need to have a place to store them and it helps to have friends. Recently my friends Dona and Marni helped me create a little more organization in our “wool shed” (aka garage).

wool shed storage 1

wool shed storage 2

wool shed storage 3

I recently read something that may answer this question. Someone asked if a book lover could ever have too many books. The answer: No, just get more shelves.

Time to get more shelves…….

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  1. And as we have all heard before, it’s cheaper than therapy!. Good post!
    from another Wool Enabler

    • Yes, and I didn’t even get into how many fleeces I have gotten from Meridian Jacobs! Good enabling, Robin!

  2. My girls would now agree with you! The E. Friesian yarn looks wonderful. I would knit with that!

    • It is very nice to knit with and very easy to spin! And the sheep are so friendly as they are used to be handled for milking.

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