One Way to Make Felt

1. Start by sorting some beautiful Merino wool from Mendenhall Wool Ranch in Loma Rica (in the lower Sierra foothills).

sorting fleeces


2. Wash fleece.

washing 2


3. Rinse fleece.



4. Dry fleece.



5. Hand pick by color.



6. Card on drum carder.



7. Remove batt from carder.

batt coming off carder


8. Make pre-felt from batts on Felt Loom.



9. Combine pre-felts to make felt piece.

felting 2


10. Trim felt.



11. Enjoy beautiful felt!

felt 1


12. Figure out something to do with all the trimming scraps – create small bags of felt and hand spun yarn (thanks, Dona, for cutting up all that felt!)

scraps in basket


Artisan made felt – individually crafted. This batch of Merino wool in natural colors now available!

felt 2

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  1. Beautiful Jackie! I can’t wait to touch it. Love the idea of the scrap bags too.

    • Thanks, Mary. I think I am having way too much fun with this!

  2. That’s really cool!

    • Thanks, Heather. I have been making felt with less fine wools – quite a range. The Merino was a little challenging in the picking and carding phases as it is a little more fly away but the end result is really nice!

  3. Jackie,

    That was a great lesson for those of us who only felt by accident!

    What gorgeous stuff.


    • Yeah – it turns out it takes a bit of planning to get it the way I wanted it!

  4. Looks so beautiful! I’d love to see the machine someday.


  5. What size felt loom do you use?

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