Green Marks, Top Knots, and other Shearing Day Trivia

Hi. It’s Marley. I heard Jackie is getting complaints about not enough blog posts so I told her I’d help her out by writing One. I don’t know how it happened so fast but Shearing Day happened again. I know some of These Sheep only get sheared once a year. I want to know how to get moved into That Group.

Before I could find a way out of this, we were all put together in a Small Area.

"I feel Squished."

“I feel Squished.”

We all felt Squished.

Ingrid, "Why now? I just got my fleece looking the way I want it?!"

Ingrid, “Why now? I just got my fleece looking the way I want it?!”

Jackie and her helpers decided, besides getting sheared, we had to get Drenched. That means Nasty Medicine [ed. that keeps you from getting sick, Marley].


After the medicine, you get a Green Mark on your face. Unless you are me. Jackie says it’s to make sure they remember which sheep is Drenched. I don’t need one as no one Ever Forgets Me.

diamond with green mark

All too soon it was My Turn. John the Shearer said I behaved very well this time. Whatever.

here we go again...

Unfortunately, Jackie got busy and forgot to remind John not to shave My Topknot. I forgive you. [ed. Thanks, Marley. I won’t forget next time!]

Wilma, "Don't worry, Marley, it's just your new look for the winter."

Wilma, “Don’t worry, Marley, it’s just your new look for the winter.”

Jackie had to tie up Our Llama, Paridot, to keep him out of the way during Shearing. He is not a Twice a Year animal.


He didn’t get Sheared, but he did get Drenched! Tastes yucky, doesn’t it?

paridot drenching

I didn’t get to see this next part but Jackie and her friends went over to Colleen’s to help with her sheep Shearing. She has very pretty sheep, I hear. I wish they would come over here for A Visit so I could see them.


pretty faces

I hear they didn’t like Shearing any better than than we did.

they don't like it either

I heard one of them was Special and wore a Coat. I am also a Special Sheep but I hope Jackie doesn’t think about doing that Over Here!

thor in coat

I also heard Colleen’s sheep are Pretty Smart.

"Maybe we can figure out how to unplug his shears!"

“Maybe we can figure out how to unplug his shears!”

Jackie told me today she got 31 pounds of wool from our Half Shearing Day. She seems pretty happy with that. Quentin won for Biggest Fleece – 5.5 pounds! Jackie wants me to thank all her Helpers – Chris for Drenching, Mary, Janis and Polly for saving our Fleeces from getting dirty, and Dona for all the Wonderful Photos.

Well, it’s over for another Six Months. No Top-Knot but no Green Mark either. I’d call it a Good Day.

Until next time….

Love, Marley

see you next time

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