Weaving ….and Leaving

The last time I worked with Jason Collingwood at his workshop in Nayland, I wove a rug. This visit’s goal was not as ambitious, but I am surprised at how much I got done. We decided I would work on his smaller, sampling loom and try out some weave structures, while working on rug weaving techniques such as using a temple (helps with the selvedges), carrying colors up the selvedges (a LOT harder than it sounds, at least for me!), twining the beginning and ending edges and some other finishing techniques.
Here is one sample on the loom.

..and one I was working on braiding a finish.

Here are the four samples I managed to finish (not bad for three days in my rug weaving world!). They are all done on a linen warp with wool weft. Jason helped me pick out colors and, in the blue one, blended the blues to get a transition effect. Obviously, I have a lot of finishing to do once I get home!

The workshop is next to a very interesting church, one of the “wool churches”, meaning it was built from monies raised through the wool industry of the time. The original church was built around 1204 but that one probably burned down with this “newer” one being built sometime in the 1400’s.

Here is a detail from one of the outside walls.

I had seen the church on my visit two years ago, but this time got a chance to go inside ( that happens when you weave samples instead of weaving a whole rug!). It houses a rare Constable painting (you can just see it in the front). He only did three religious paintings ( he was from this area and painted the scenery around here a lot).

But, all good things come to an end and it was finally time to pack up and leave.

I think even the cat was sorry to see me leave (or he wanted a treat!)

I did find one more sheep…on a beautiful kneeling cushion in the church (I think Jason was afraid I might smuggle it into my suitcase!)

It was time to head to London to catch my flight.

…saying “good bye” to the sheep of the U.K. …

…close the Workshop door….and head home!


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  1. So sad that you have to leave. I’ll miss your travels, but will be eager to see what you sent home.

  2. The samples are impressive, I can’t wait to see them.

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