Arriving on N Ronaldsay

Today began with two flights to get to my destination of N Ronaldsay, the furthest north island in the Orkneys. The first flight was a small plane, but not any smaller than ones I’ve been on between Chicago and Michigan. The second plane was an 8-seater. Just amazing!

My seat was right behind the pilot.

The views were incredible on this 15 minute flight from Kirkwall (where I flew to from Glasgow). We didn’t get that high so you could see the ground very well. It really just felt like you were hovering and not moving.


But too quickly it was over and we approached my destination.
I am lodging at the bird observatory. This is in a migration path and people come from all over to see the various birds that arrive here.

Of course, I came for the sheep. I saw a few today near the observatory. I think these are just the ones with lambs. Otherwise they are kept beyond the sea wall. I will find out a lot more tomorrow but here are just a few to show you.



There was also a chook who followed me around as I explored the yard, so now I felt completely at home!

Tomorrow morning a taxi (yes, there is ONE on the island!) picks me up to take me to the opposite end of the island – the far north end – where I meet Jane, who runs the wool mill. Hoping to get some more fleeces or at least some N Ronaldsay Sheep wool products.
Hopefully, tonights’s sky predicts a good second day of my visit to this beautiful island.



I am struggling with my blog on my iPad and a slow internet so the photos of the plane and where I sat are here at the end. My apologizes for the chronology!


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  1. I am really enjoying your blogs. The countryside is so beautiful and I love the sheep pictures.

  2. Again, envious. I hope you have a wonderful time there!

  3. These are the sheep that eat sea weed, right? I’m looking forward to more.

    • Yes, they live on sea weed except when they are brought in to lamb. After about 4 months or so, they are put back outside the walls (punds) and back to eating sea weed! Unfortunately, the ones wandering around the island today were not on the shore but I did get some great photos I hope to get into a blog tonight yet!

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