A Kentucky Wooly Adventure

I traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to visit a farm where they make a piece of equipment that I have become interested in – the Felt Loom. This amazing machine makes beautiful felt – and much more. I had been talking with its inventors – Lanette Freitag and Don Bowles – but decided I needed to make a trip to Kentucky to see it in person. Of course, I wasn’t at all influenced by the fact that they have sheep!

I was able to explore its uses and learn how to operate it during my stay with them. It is a very large and powerful needle felting machine with the great option of a light table on the front so you can properly prepare what you are felting – here is the beginning of felting merino to silk to create a scarf..


I was amazed at all the things that can be created on the Felt Loom.




Art and wall hangings….




And jackets…



…and so much more.

And, did I mention the sheep?! Many are mixed breed but with an emphasis on English Leicester – a breed I have a particular fondness for. These are very sweet sheep.




With beautiful wool…


These sheep have a guardian donkey named “Bob”. I like Bob. Don says he moves the sheep easily, coming up behind the lambs to give them a gentle “nudge” when they straggle.



Here, Bob re-joins his flock.


Thanks to Don and Lanette for their hospitality. I very much enjoyed my visit and am looking forward to my own Felt Loom arriving in a couple months. Now, if I could just figure how how to get a couple of the English Leicesters here….!


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  1. Looks like a fun trip. The sheep are beautiful and the donkey is very cute. really nice projects.

  2. Jackie,

    It looks like you’ll be able to work through your current collection of fleeces in no time with your new felting loom. I think you’re going to need a lot more fleece really soon. Surely the best way to do that is to get more sheep. Those English Leicesters make me drool. Sounds like they have nice personalities, too. Do any live and breed in California?

    I love hearing about your never-ending wooly adventures – it’s almost as good as doing it myself.


  3. oooooo. Would you consider a jacket-making class? And when are you getting some English Leicester sheep? I love your life Jackie!
    mindy k

    • Hi Mindy, i think there is a lot of interest in these type of jackets. Unfortunately, I have little to no sewing skills but I think if you check around, there may be someone teaching this type of class. I hope to be providing the “raw materials” – i.e. felt – for people to pursue this interest!

      I would love to get an English Leicester or two! Not any around this area that I know of. But, who knows…?!

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