Hi – It’s Marley. It’s been awhile. I think Jackie’s computer doesn’t work in This Heat.

In case you don’t live around Here, it’s been HOT. Jackie got us sheared at the end of April but my Beautiful Fleece is already growing back. Have you tried being in a Wool Coat when it is 110? Jackie says that’s only 43 Celsius. I don’t what that is, but I don’t find it makes me feel any cooler.

Recently some men were here trimming the trees. I don’t know what Jackie was thinking – that’s some of our Valuable Shade. I grumbled but Jackie said that was to keep those big branches from falling on us. Whatever.

tree trimming

Jackie tries to keep us cool by giving us lots of water. Sometimes I have to remind her.

"This water looks a little low."

“This water looks a little low.”

"Did you forget this one?"

“Did you forget this one?”

When it gets Really Hot, I like to rest my head on a tree…

marley head at tree

…but I don’t really think it helps.

"I tried doesn't work."

“I tried that…it doesn’t work.”

Yesterday, Jackie brought us grape vine leaves. They were Yummy and briefly made me forget they were the only green thing I had seen in a Very Long Time.

grape leaves


I have learned that it is good to stay near the Water. It makes me feel a little cooler. I guess someone else figured that out, too.

"Paridot, you are in my spot."

“Paridot, you are in my spot.”


Although, I am not sure how smart he is. Jackie accidentally got him wet today when she was filling the water containers. He got up and went off to lay in The Sun. Silly llama.

silly llama

Jackie thought she might amuse us by creating a Fountain when she filled the water this morning. I Am Not Amused.



"When is it going to get cooler?"

“When is it going to get cooler?”

Jackie says the Weather People say it will be cooler on Friday. I can only hope and dream of cooler – and Greener Days.

marley grabbing mouthful on the way


Until next time……

Love, Marley




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