The Many Faces of Stephanie – A Tribute

My friend, Robin, lost a good friend recently – her goat, Stephanie. She had been with Robin and her family for a long time. You can read Robin’s blog about her and get the full story (, but I just wanted to share something I made for Robin as a tribute to Stephanie.

stephanie close-up

Those of us in Robin’s Farm Club were very used to having Stephanie around. You could always depend on her to make working in the barn a little more interesting as she had a tendency to give a little nip if you got part of your body too close to her area. We all got pretty good at watching where she was. I don’t think her nips were ever meant to  hurt, just to let you know this was HER area and you shouldn’t forget it!

I decided to create a tribute to Stephanie, using the photos Robin had used in her blog post about her life. I enjoy using photos to create a needle felted image.  Here is one of the photos of Stephanie traced onto a stabilizer (water-soluble interfacing which will disappear when you put water on it).

felting block

Next, I start filling in the drawing with wool, needle felting the image to the foam block. When finished, you just pull it off, trim off the excess stabilizer and wet it to remove the remainder.


I needle felted each image separately on natural colored Jacob felt and then hand stitched them onto a larger piece as a wall hanging.

banner with photo

Stephanie showed us many faces in the years we knew her. Here are the close-ups.

"Come see my sheep!"

“Come see my sheep!”

Grazing the good stuff.

Grazing the good stuff.



Her beautiful profile is my favorite.

Her beautiful profile is my favorite.


I recently spent a little time with Stephanie when Robin was away. I am glad I had that opportunity. I will miss you, Stephanie. (And I didn’t really mind the “nips.”)

stephanie with collar

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  1. Thanks Jackie. I have meant to share the felt tribute in my blog, but I have been slow on blog posts lately. I love the way you can see the photos you used in your blog. Thanks.

  2. Jackie that is so nice of you. I know Robin will treasure it. Wonderful work.

  3. A beautiful tribute!

  4. What a nice tribute! Really nice work Jackie.

  5. A beautiful tribute to Stephanie.

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