Treadles to Threads Guild Visits Wooly Acres Farm

When I lived in the East Bay I was a member of a very nice spinning guild, Treadles to Threads. They had approached me last year about scheduling a “field trip” to our farm. As things happen, we were not able to schedule it until this past Saturday. One of the members, Wendy, organized the whole thing and it was a wonderful day!

After they all arrived, we headed to the barnyard to meet the flock.

guildmembers head toward barn 2

I called for the sheep to come into the arena so the visitors could see them better.

jackie calls sheep

Quentin isn’t so sure about this.

Quentin, "Paridot, why are they here?" "Not sure, buddy, but I hope it means treats."

Quentin, “Paridot, why are they here?” “Not sure, buddy, but I hope it means treats.”

Paridot turns out to be right as a couple visitors are happy to give him some of his apple cookies.

quentin is happy to accept cookies 2

…and checks for more!

paridot wants more cookies 2

Kari and Carmen look a little curious.

Kari, "Why are they here?" Carmen "Not a clue."

Kari, “Why are they here?” Carmen “Not a clue.”

Not to be left  out, the farm poultry put in an appearance. Buffy is always happy to meet people.

greeter chicken buffy 2

Our guinea hens have been sitting on a very large nest of eggs (a story for another time) and finally hatched a couple – in the barn, of all places!

guineas in barn

chick on guinea 2

Well, to answer the sheep’s question – the guild came to meet them – and to see other parts of this fiber operation!

I showed them how the picker works.

demonstrating picker 2

Then, we gathered around my new skirting table (thanks, Rick!) to look at the fleeces from Australia.

gathering around new skiriting table to check out au fleeces

We looked at…

English Leicesters

English Leicesters



A very fine Merino

A very fine Merino

Coloured Corriedale

Coloured Corriedale


Australian Bond x Merino

Australian Bond x Merino

Looking at them brought back very good memories from my trip to Australia. Thanks again to all of you who provided these fleeces for me and got them shipped!

We took a quick peak at my new fleece washing station (still under construction so it will be a future blog post!)…\

new wash stn 2

I am not sure anyone got very much spinning done, but we did fit in time for a lovely lunch that Wendy organized. Thanks, Wendy!

food 2

The flowers were a special treat!

flowers 2

It was a very lovely day! Thanks to my friend, Dona, for providing the great photos for this post.

"Thanks for visiting us. We like people!"

“Thanks for visiting us. We like people!”

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