Once Upon a Time….

Once upon a time, there were seven chooks. Each day they enjoyed  crumble, water, fresh air in the run and, most days, time outside nibbling on grass, eating bugs and enjoying the sunshine.

chook grp 1

But what they looked forward to each morning was the extra goodies they were brought, just for being good chooks. This was always fresh fruit and vegetables and – most importantly – bread. They always ate the bread first, but then always cleaned up their fruits and vegetables.

This was how it was supposed to be. Until ONE TERRIBLE DAY – there was no bread! They looked and looked but no bread was to be found. Someone must have forgotten! They ate the fruits and vegetables but they were not happy chooks.

chook grp 2

How could they communicate their sadness? After all, they were only chooks. But, wait, what do chooks do? They lay eggs! That was it. After a brief conference, they knew what they had to do.

Very few eggs were produced that day.

The food-bringer was sad but she understood. The next morning, fruits, vegetables and BREAD appeared in the morning breakfast buffet. The chooks were happy. To show their appreciation (and make their point…) an unprecedented event was planned. Each chook chose to lay an egg that day.


And they all lived happily (and with bread) ever after…..


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  1. What a great story to read before heading off to bed!

    • I hope you dreamt of eggs and sweet chooks!

  2. A fine fairy tale, Jackie I’m glad it is the true kind!

  3. Jackie, what clever chooks! Back in the old days, the Little Red Hen planted, harvested, cleaned, and ground her own wheat and baked her own bread to feed her sizeable brood with nobobdy to help let alone bring her delicious morsels every day! —Mary

    • Mary, Thanks for providing some context!

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