Vet Visit

I decided to schedule a ranch call to learn how to give Paridot, our llama, his shots and other more easily handled medical maintenance. Not only do we like him in his own right, he is also a very valuable member of our flock as its guardian. So, his health is important for a lot of reasons. Paridot was not convinced this visit was really necessary.

"What do you mean, the vet is coming?!"

“What do you mean, the vet is coming?!”

It took some organizing to get everyone where they needed to be and I could have thought it through a little better. Letting sheep into the barnyard without a plan resulted in sheep

…in the barn where the hay is

in barn

…in the sideyard

side yard

…grazing in the small pen


…and in the guinea fowl coop!

in guinea coop

Marley wondered if the vet was coming to see him – he was the subject of the last ranch call, but I assured him that he wasn’t the topic of interest this time.

"Well, that's a relief!"

“Well, that’s a relief!”

Finally, got Paridot ready for his exam.

paridot in halter

And Dr. Nancy and her helper quickly did the exam, giving shots and an overall physical (he is in good shape for his age)

check up

and even a pedicure (hoof trim)

hoof trim

After they left, I was able to release the sheep into the “exam” area…

thru gate

And, re-united, they made their way into the arena – one of their favorite places to hang out and graze

Paridot, "Whew! Glad that's over. I don't look good in a halter!"

Paridot, “Whew! Glad that’s over. I don’t look good in a halter!”

The adventure was over…….for today.

Marley, "I heard her say that I look good!"

Marley, “I heard her say that I look good!”

"Thanks, Dr. Nancy. I really did appreciate your visit!"

“Thanks, Dr. Nancy. I really did appreciate your visit!”

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