A Pensioner Arrives

Hi, It’s Marley here. Something New happened here today. When the van looks like this, Something Is Up.

back of van


When Jackie visited England last year (I don’t know why she didn’t take me with her. After all, that’s Where My People Are From….), she visited a Jacob farm where she was introduced to a Pensioner – a ewe about 16 years old.



So, when she got a chance to add a Pensioner to our flock, I guess she decided to do it. Two Jacobs, Diamond and Phyllis, were living near us (they used to live at Robin’s) but their people  needed to find them a New Home. Diamond is the Pensioner. I don’t know What Phyllis Is.

old place


Robin was a co-conspirator in getting us this Pensioner.

this lady seems familiar


I knew Something Was Up when Jackie drove in the back way.

greeting committee


As usual, Quentin feels better standing by Paridot when facing New Things.

quentin anf paridot


Hey, how come the Pensioner is getting hugs from Jackie? That’s My Job!

with Jackie


"Carmen, is this going to be A Problem?"

“Carmen, is this going to be A Problem?”

Wait – she’s staying???!!!


marley looks thru gate

wait - she's staying?

Hey, New Girl, are you ignoring me???

hey new girl, are you ignoring me?

She smells a little different…..

she smells different


Hey, there’s Another One out there! Is she coming in?

there's another one out there


Oh, good, that one’s leaving!

loading Phyllis


Jackie told me the other one [Phyllis] went back to Robin’s. I went to Robin’s once. They took my wool off there [ed. it was a Shearing Day, Marley. They’re supposed to do that.] I wouldn’t mind Going Back to Visit…..

the other one went back to Robin's

I guess the Pensioner is trying to make friends. Look, she’s already Whispering Things  to  Quentin!

oh, she's already whispering things to Quentin!


Well, Carmen, what do you think?

what do you think, Carmen?

She is kinda pretty.

she's kind of pretty....

I guess She Can Stay……

Until next time,

Love, Marley

I guess she can stay












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  1. […]  In 2011 Phyllis went to a nearby farm as a companion to Diamond, an elderly sheep (a Pensioner in Jackie’s story about this event). Due to the owner’s ill health the sheep needed to go, so Jackie and I […]

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